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    If you have an Acne prone skin ,you must avoid following 4 mistakes

    If you have an Acne prone skin ,you must avoid following 4 mistakes
    Introduction: Nowadays, biggest challenge in front of us is how to keep ourselves healthy . Same time one another equally important challenge is, how to keep skin healthy and shiny without a problem of acne and pimples in it .There are certain important reasons which effects our skin's texture and effects its healthiness. But other than natural factors certain habits and lifestyle related things also does play an important role.
    Here in this article we will emphasis about four mistakes, which should be avoided if you possess acne prone skin.
    Before going into the detail of these four mistakes ,we will learn in brief about acne.
    What is Acne?
    Acne is a that condition of skin ,which occurs when the hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells in our body . Eventually it becomes a cause for whiteheads ,blackheads, and pimples. Acne is very common problem among teenagers, but it may affect to the people of all age group .In modern time when our lifestyle is not very discipline and organised other than our poor dietary habits. Due to these reasons problem of acne and pimple is becoming a big problem.
    People with acne and pimples know how terrible it is to face any problem like this .They know effort of creating a skin care routine that don't trigger more pimples. In this regard Havintha's totally natural and chemical free skincare products are proving like a boon ,other than avoiding these four mistakes.
    First Mistake:
    At night time or while sleeping leaving hair unitied . A loose hair tie should be used to tie your hair and it should be away from the face at night time or at the sleeping time . Its reason is very simple, this habit prevents hair's to rub against your face. The oil from the hair can cause acne to worsen by forming a film on the face.
    Second Mistake:
    Habit of not changing a pillow cover ---
    Many of you people may be surprise to read this cause of acne .But its true and very much responsible for a problem related to acne and pimples on our faces. It is highly advisable to change your pillow cover after every two or three days use. The oil and creams which are being used for face care are absorbed by the pillow covers. When same oil or cream are combined with dirt and dust this can lead to acne problem. One must make sure that the fabric used for pillow cover is soft and it does not irritable for the skin.
    Third Mistake:
    Not avoiding use of thick hand creams-
    It is recommended that you should avoid using thick hand creams at night and during the day if you are prone to an acne related problems. There are certain hand creams that contains occlusive ingredients that can form a layer on the skin as this can exacerbate acne on the face .Natural and chemical free skincare product's manufacture Havintha could be a wise choice here .Havintha's quality skin care products like face blooming powder ,face wash or face scrubs are often gives a good choice to overcome this problem.
    Fourth Mistake:
    Avoiding shampooing hair on regular basis-
    Acne problem and shampooing hair has got some connection. Make sure to opt hair shampooing habit on regular basis and you will able to handle acne problem up to a large extent. It is advisable to shampoo your hair atleast thrice a week if you have an oily scalp .Acne development starts taking place from forehead and sides of the face as a result of sweat and oil from the scalp . As far as quality of a hair shampoo is concerned, Havintha's powder based hair shampoos are good . Especially , its Amala ,Reetha, Shikakai and Methidana Powder Shampoo is an ultimate option. It makes hair and scalp naturally healthy and keeps scalp dandruff free .
    Conclusion: Thus ,if we use good quality skincare and haircare products and avoid these four mistakes we can get rid of acne problem easily .

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